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Server Update - 14th October 2019
Started by Wonkie



Server Owner
30 Aug 2019

Server Update - 14th October 2019

  • New chat filtering plugin. This new plugin is a lot less invasive than our previous one, and shouldn't cause as many issues. However, if you encounter any issues, please let me or another staff member know.
  • Removed money drops for stone, andesite, diorite and granite. You will no longer earn money from mining these blocks.
    • This makes the dropping of the money less frequent and annoying. More mining achievements will be added to make up for this removal.
  • The amount of money recieved from mining ores and other actions has been significantly lowered.
    • This is because the previous amounts were extremely overpowered. 
    • It was never meant for the amount you gain from these actions to be as high as it was. It was occurring due to a levelling issue, where new players started at level 200, and there was a multiplier that gave extra money depending on the players level.
      • This levelling feature has been removed for the time being until it's issues can be fixed.
  • Everyone now has access to /back. This allows players to return to their last location or death point.
    • This used to be a donor-only command.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the 'Halloween' tag upon voting in October.
    • All votes from now on should receive the tag. Use /tags in game to activate it.
  • Removed teleport wait times. All teleports (eg. /tpa, /wild, /spawn, /warp) are now instantaneous.

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